Just ther Facts: T@b 400 vs. LG Max

  • August 5, 2017

In case you had not noticed, there is a lot of chatter about both the T@b 400 and the LG Max amongst tiny trailer enthusiasts. For your viewing pleasure, I created a comparison of the specifications and features of each. There are two pages, so make sure you hover your mouse over the bottom of the chart and press the down arrow to navigate to the second page.

Note: v3.0 is now posted. This is the most current version as of September 9 2017 4:05 PM



  • Barb

    Jenn, what is meant by the rear reciever?

  • Barb

    Jenn, what is meant by rear reciever?

  • The JennCast

    Hi Barb – it’s what you have on your TV that you place your hitch into. You could use it to mount a bike rack or a storage rack or other device used to mount to a receiver. If you to the Max site and click on exterior, you will see photos of it. I am sure you will recognize it as soon as you see it.

  • Kathy

    Good Comparison! I was surprised that the Max is longer but has slight less headroom. The 9 gallon blackwater tank is too small!!

  • The JennCast

    I was surprised by those things, too! I told Chris Baum I would keep an open mind towards the LG Max until I saw it in person so I am trying to do that. I have reservations about the tank size, too, but, if I really loved it, I could overlook it.

    FYI, others and myself have found a few errors, so v2.0 is coming soon.

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  • Dan

    Do you have price comparisons? Not that it matters much. The LG Max curb weight of 3140 lbs. exceed the limit on my Outback. The T@B 400 is ok to go. Waiting to see what the Airstream Nest specs will be.

  • The JennCast

    I am also intrigued by the Nest. The prices are going to be in the same ballpark and widely vary, but I have seen a price tag of $26k in the PA/OH areas.

  • Dan

    So far I haven’t seen any proposed prices on the Nest…..When it came out of Bend Oregon prior to Airstream purchasing the design they were talking around $29K. I just hope the company doesn’t feel compelled to throw an Airstream price at us.

  • The JennCast

    They sure are taking forever to get it to market.

  • Beth Sullivan

    Thanks, Jenn, for taking the time to document all this! I love my 2014 T@B CS-S Max, but yearn for just a bit more. I lean towards the LG Max on aesthetics for my personal style, but the 400 definitely wins on the nuances of storage and the wet bath design. I totally understand a boondocker will prefer the 400 because of larger tank sizes, but those that don’t regularly spend time off grid may prefer the smaller LG Max tank sizes.
    Question: Dometic versus Alde on the heat and hot water system – anyone have pros and cons? I still struggle with understanding the Alde procedures, but when I get it working, it is awesome.