Jenn’s Top Answers and Troubleshooting Steps for T@b 320 Owners

Jenn’s Top Answers and Troubleshooting Steps for T@b 320

  1. I have trouble connecting or disconnecting my hitch.
    1. New hitches can be stiff. After a few uses, it will loosen and be easier to open and close. Here are some tips.
      1. Lubricate the coupler. White lithium grease works well.
      2. Alleviate downward pressure. If you on uneven ground, you may need to move slightly forward or backward to allow the pressure to be relieved enough to close or open the coupler. This will likely be true, too, if using an Andersen leveler.
        1. Connect your safety chains and breakaway cable.
        2. Raise the jack enough to lift the wheel off of the ground and high enough to avoid making contact with the ground when moving a few forward or backward.
        3. Very slowly and carefully move the trailer forward and backward until you can close the latch and put the pin or lock through the coupler. I prefer a lock. Tip: you will often, but not always, hear a satisfying clunk when the coupler settles on the ball and the weight has shifted towards the hitch. Try closing the coupler after hearing this clunk.
        4. DO NOT USE A HAMMER!! This is a really bad idea because you can inadvertently damage your coupler mechanism. If after a few uses you are still having difficulty, ask your dealer to inspect it.
  1. Where does the breakaway cable connect to?
    1. Connect it to the same loops on your receiver where you connect your safety chains.
  2. Should I run my breakaway cable through my safety chains?
    1. Absolutely not. This could inadvertently pull the cable out, which will cause your trailer brakes to lock up and basically shred your tires.
  3. My safety chains are too long. How do I deal with this?
    1. Quick links are the best way to deal with this. Simply connect a few links to the quick link to use up the slack.
  4. I bent my tongue or trailer jack.
    1. This is easily replaced.
      1. Connect the trailer to your TV.
      2. Remove the three bolts holding the jack.
      3. Remove the jack and place the new jack into same location.
      4. Replace the three bolts.
    2. This jack is a replacement for the nuCamp 320 jack.
  5. Where can I find a spare tire mount for my trailer tongue?
    1. I use this one. I also used a board as a spacer to allow for more room for the tongue jack.
  6. Where can I find the drill adapter for the stabilizer jacks?
    1. Amazon
  7. I cannot get water from my freshwater tank/pump not working.
    1. The most common cause of this problem is an airlock in your system. Start by opening your faucets and flushing your toilet a few times. If the airlock persists, disconnect the hose from the pump on the freshwater side and suck until you can break the airlock. This hose is located on the opposite side of the filter. In S model T@b 320’s, the pump is in the small space behind the toilet that is accessed via the hatch above and behind the toilet. In CS models, the pump is located under the sink in the galley kitchen.
    2. The second leading cause to waterflow issues with the pump is debris in the filter. The filter is attached directly to the pump. Disconnect the filter, clean, and replace the filter.
  8. Will my tow vehicle (TV) charge my T@b?
    1. If your tow vehicle has a factory tow package with the 7 pin connector, you likely have a charge wire. If not, you will need to install a charge wire. Your RV dealer, tow vehicle dealer, utility trailer service center, or even a uHaul should be able to do this for you if you are not comfortable doing this yourself. Ask for a heavier gauge wire as the lighter the wire, the less efficient your charge.
  9. Why is there no green light on my fridge while on shore power?
    1. On older T@bs (prior to 2017ish), the green light is only on when the fridge is run on LP. On newer T@bs, the green light is known to burn out. Your fridge may very well be functioning normally. A fridge thermometer is a good way to tell if your fridge is functioning properly.
  10. The only shore power outlet (110v) power that is working is my air conditioner or not working at all.
    1. Ensure that shore power has been turned on at the pedestal.
    2. Reset the GFCI on the back bench. You may need to use something to press the button in all of the way to complete the reset.
    3. Check the breakers in the converter.
  11. Why will the fan near the Adle not turn off?
    1. That fan is actually your converter, which is located close to the Alde, under the river seat. It runs frequently to keep your converter cool.
  12. My CO2/LP detector is chirping.
    1. The T@b battery is likely low. Check your battery monitor. Plug into shore power or your TV and allow your battery to charge and the chirping should stop. Should the chirping not stop after your battery has charged to more than 50%, investigate for CO2 buildup. Open your windows and door and run your fan.
  13. My turn signal/brake lights are not working.
    1. This is likely the result of either moisture or dirt getting into your 7 pin connector. Clean the connector and spread a little dielectric grease on your 7 pin connector to help keep it corrosion free.
    2. If cleaning and allowing your connector to dry does not solve your problem, test your 7 pin connector and the outlet for the 7 pin connector with a multuimeter or 7 pin connector tester for your TV.
  14. My lights are not working.
    1. Ensure that the battery disconnect is turned to the “On” position.
    2. Check the 30 amp fuse by the battery.
    3. Check the fuses in your converter.
  15. My hot water is too hot or cold.
    1. Adjust the Alde mixing valve. The valve is located by the Alde.
  16. There is water on the ground under my step 2016 or later) or under the front driver side 2015 or older) of the T@b.
    1. Your freshwater drain is open.
  17. My fridge is not cooling.
    1. It takes a few hours for your fridge to cool. It will cool fastest on shore power and slowest on propane. Many people choose to let their fridges cool for at least a full day before they intend to travel.
    2. If on LP, you might have a bad cooling unit. This would essentially require a new fridge.
  18. My propane does not seem to be working or I am having trouble lighting my stove, Alde, or fridge on LP.
    1. When operating propane at altitude (above 5,000’) you may experience low flow or it may appear that you are out of propane when you are not. In this situation., close your propane and turn off appliances attempting to operate from propane power. Wait a few minutes and then very slowly and gradually open your propane tank. After it is open, light your stove for 30-60 seconds to initiate propane flow.
    2. If problems persist, check your propane hose and fittings by spraying with a soapy water solution and look for bubbling or take to a tech for inspection.
    3. Your problem may also be a bad propane regulator. .
  19. My TV is not charging my T@b battery while driving.
    1. When you run the 3 way fridge on DC, it draw over 11ah. This will, for some, drain the battery when towing all day. Some will drive part of the way with the fridge off to conserve battery or install larger batteries.
    2. This may also be a sign of insufficient gauge wire or another issue with your TV. You will need to research what you should expect from your particular TV.
    3. Some have opted to install a second fridge with a Danfross compressor, like and ARB fridge in their TV to ensure their food is good. These fridges, generally average well under 3ah.
  20. How do I use the Alde?
    1. Web demos:
      1. 3010
      2. 3020
    2. Watch this video.
  21. How do I play the TV sound through the Jensen?
    1. Watch this video.
  22. How do I change my tire?
    1. Watch this video.
  23. How do I hook up my trailer to my tow vehicle?
    1. Watch this video
  24. How do I use the Lagun table?.
    1. Watch this video.
  25. How does the Alde work?
    1. Watch this video.
  26. How do I connect my propane?
    1. Watch this video.
  27. Do you have a list of recommended products for new owners?
    1. Yes! A Pinterest board.
  28. What size water hose do I need?
    1. Most of the time, a 25’ hose will work, but on some occasions a second 25’ hose is needed. On even more rare occasions, you may need additional length.
  29. What is the difference between boondocking and dry camping?
    1. Boondocking is synonymous with dispersed camping. You are not camping in a campground, rather, a site with an existing fire ring. You may be alone or with a few other campers, but there is no CG host, there are no facilities, and you are subject to the landowner, often UFSF or BLM.
    2. Dry camping means you are camping without any hookups in a campground. A pit toilet may be available but not water, electricity, or sewer connections.
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