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Commercial Aerial Services

Licensed and Insured Commercial Drone Pilot

FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilot

In addition to adding aerial images to her landscape portfolio, Jenn can help you with:

  • Weddings,
  • Events
  • Stock footage and imagery
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Mapping
  • Special Projects.

Why a Licensed Pilot?

An FAA requirement for all commercial use

New Drone Rules

The FAA is the government agency charged with regulating drone use and the air traffic. Last summer, the FAA introduced new rules that required any individual or business using a drone for any means, connected to the a commercial enterprise (is it somehow contributing to some type of compensation?) must possess a UAV Airmen Certificate. The FAA is tweaking and revising the rules associated with commercial drone use and hiring a commercial drone pilot takes the pressure off of you, to know the current rules.


It is unlikely that your current business liability insurance covers liability associated with drone use. I carry $2.5 million in liability coverage for injury and property damage.

Not all Footage is Created Equally

Are you thinking about just buying your own drone and flying it to take a few shots? It might be as easy as you think to create the quality that you want. As a photographer, I have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality footage. A myriad of techniques are involved in creating high quality, compelling imagery and video footage. Additionally, I have accumulated hours of experience using professional photo and video editing tools.