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Jennifer Grover

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Don’t make these common mistakes

You cringe and pray the damage isn’t too terrible, and costly. You have made a mistake. Your list failed you or you failed to use a list. Maybe this type of mistake isn’t a associated with a list, but the mistake has happened. You cringe and pray. Maybe you were inexperienced, tired, distracted, or worse, […]

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Sometimes the KOA is A-OK: Putting an End to KOA-Shaming

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”  For a hard core overnight parker and boondocker, admitting to spending the night at a KOA can be perceived as a sign of weakness, that you are soft, or that have money burning a hole in your pocket. But the truth is, sometimes the KOA (or […]

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Is it a Bird? A Plane? Cows? A Drone?

Unfamiliar sounds, especially in unfamiliar locations can be very unnerving and the paranoia around drones only seems to escalate this. Let’s see if we can find some common ground between drone owners and those who would rather not see or hear a drone in their entire lives.