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Is This Really the End?

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It’s taken me to see the most breathtaking landscape in North American, been with me in sickness and in health, been my office, my bedroom, and a gateway to adventure. It’s a second home to me and Rocky and now we are going to say goodbye to it.

For a long time, it just seemed like something other people did – toting around the country in an adorable camper. I read about them and daydreamed about the photos I saw online.

But in 2014, that dream became reality when I ordered and then took delivery of my 2015 T@b S Max.

My dreams shifted. “What if I could travel to some of the amazing places in the west? What if I could work from my T@b?”

One by one, those dreams became reality, too, and my T@b become as much a part of my own story as my photographs and Rocky.

Six years and over two-hundred nights spent in the T@b, later, I am so grateful for all of the adventures and friends I have made through the T@b group. I even discovered a second cousin through the T@b community!

But it’s time to say goodbye.

It will sad to hand over the keys and part company with something that has led me down so many amazing roads and connected me to even more amazing people, but it’s time.

But fortunately, that isn’t all.

I am saying, “hello” to something good.

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