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Lessons Learned: The Rest of the Story

By Jenn

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I have a few lessons learned that didn’t fit into any one category very well, so the last post in this series will be a grocery list of random things I learned along the way. Enjoy!

  1. The Alde is a dream for heating, when it is not loud. I found it only loud above 9,000′.
  2. Propane lasts a really long time – about 2 weeks with cooking, showers, and running the Alde at night.
  3. Streaming Sirius radio from the Internet does not use a lot of data and it works for breaking news events or sports events – like listening to the Penguins win the Stanley Cup!
  4. I love downloading TV shows and using my wireless display adapter to watch on the T@b TV. I usually have something on as I fall helps Rocky to settle, too. If you have Android or Windows/Windows Phone, you should be able to stream. Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chrome Stock are similar.
  5. A good way to avoid getting your credit card data stolen at the gas pump is to buy gas gift cards. I cashed in airline miles for gas cards this year and realized on the trip out that this was probably a good practice. The same could apply to restaurants and grocery stores
  6. The weather forecasts for mountain regions are lousy, especially, hourly.
  7. Plan for weather emergencies even if you are only spending the night. I had a tornado warning near me when I stopped in Omaha. Fortunately, I was at a Walmart and could have taken shelter there had the storm being moving in my direction.
  8. 14 days is a really nice length to stay at one spot.
  9. If staying for a couple of weeks in an area, sign up for the local grocery cards. I save on gas by earning rewards at City Market and some stores require their card to get sale prices.
  10. Wind can knock your screens out of place, blow out the LP on the fridge, and wreck your Visor pole.
  11. Hiking: A lot of trails can be confusing as can some trail maps.
  12. I think all of Colorado camps on July 4th. Reservations might be a good idea if you can’t get to the campground, early.
  13. Injuries, like ankle sprains seem to swell more at high altitude. Use a boot, wrap, or brace for compression.
  14. Face the door of the T@b away from the prevailing wind direction. This will help prevent the fridge from blowing out in LP and lessen the abuse on your Visor.
  15. The T@b can jack knife further with the Grand Cherokee than a Wrangler…..grrrr.
  16. Wildflowers change rapidly. Go back to the same spot with 2 days and they are totally different.
  17. Some smaller towns still have Fedex/UPS locations and will let you pick up your package there. General delivery works well at the post office.
  18. I survived without Amazon. I had serious concerns.
  19. Take a nap when you are tired. You will make fewer mistakes.
  20. Take lots of photos of the interior and exterior of your T@b, including lifting seat cushions to see below and save them in the cloud so they can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer. These are great for reference and will save you many trips to the T@b. I also took photos of the Alde and Norcold.

This concludes my lessons learned series. I hope that you found it helpful. I wonder what lessons 2017 holds for me?