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The Rocky Road Tour

That sinking feeling in my gut kept growing as the summer progressed. Even if the Canadian border opened, which likely wouldn’t be until the right before my trip, there were other factors starting to emerge that were sinking my ambitions to return to the Canadian Rockies.

Like 2020, the Canadian Rockies were quickly slipping off of my radar.

Call to be creative

2021 continues to bring unique challenges. From Covid to wildfires, to an active hurricane season, there were a lot of variables to deal with when planning this year. For the second year in a row, my “Plan A” and “Plan B” had to be scrapped.

This just pushes me to be a little more creative.

Follow along, as I begin seven weeks of work and play on the road this fall.

Choose the Rocky Road

Rock formations? Uh-huh.

Home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Yep.

The Rocky Mountains?….Of course!

Rocky? … Wouldn’t want to go without him!

Rocky Top? Yup, that, too.

I’ve got friends in high places

Now that you’ve hummed a few bars, let’s talk about friends at altitude.

My friend, Gina, and her brand new 2021 T@b 320 CS, “Suite M@ma” have decided to join the Rocky Road Tour and will be joining me for the Colorado portion of the adventure. On this part of the trip, I hope to be able to teach Gina how to boondock and show her some of the best Aspen foliage in the world.

And you never know, Nina might just show up for part of the trip, too!

I’m bringing you with me

Do you want to come along? I’ll be posting updates, photos, and videos along the way so be sure to follow me on social media:


Mark Wahlberg Airstream & RV is the exclusive RV Dealer sponsor of the Rocky Road Tour.

Join me in person at my first stop!

First, you are welcome to join me as I join the Ohio – Pennsylvania T@bs, T@gs, & friends camping together at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania, the weekend of September 18. Simply book a site and come prepared to have fun. Like most campgrounds, you might have to check back for someone to cancel, but the more the merrier!

Starts September 16, 2021