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That Hurt

By Jenn

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Ouch! It’s too late. You’ve reached too far and hurt your neck or back, or pulled a muscle while performing the gymnastics we go through to set up camp.

Perhaps after driving all day, you are so stiff and sore that you can barely walk normally by the time you reach your destination.

Sometimes, there are some ergonomics involved, like adjusting your seat position, or not trying to overextend your reach. But, more than likely you have neglected to take the time to prepare your body for camping.

Taking care of your body is as important as regular maintenance is to your T@b. If you don’t take care of them both, it will eventually catch up to you, and that could keep you out of the campground and at home.

I asked my nephew’s wife, Bia, to talk a little about how we can help our bodies best enjoy camping and travel.

Bia Grover
Bia Grover

Bia, tell everyone a little bit about yourself and how you developed a passion for fitness and exercise?

I am a certified exercise physiologist, personal trainer and functional training specialist. Simply put, imagine a personal trainer who is qualified to train individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and other comorbidities. I focus on the health and in-depth physiological side of fitness, not just a beach-bod.

I have always loved learning about the human body and how it works. As a trainer, I have the ability to further explore my passion while improving the lives of my clients. It’s a win-win.

Bia, you have seen our tiny campers. You can imagine the bending, reaching, and stretching we have to do to set up camp and tear down. I remember really reaching for something that was behind the back bench and pinching a nerve in my neck. What advice would give you people to help prevent injury?

A lot of injuries are caused by poor body mechanics and lack of muscular flexibility and strength. Your body stays strong and treats you well if you take care of it. You take care of your body by stretching every day, drinking the proper amount of water, having a balanced diet and staying active. Work towards improving your cardiovascular health and strengthening your muscles.

Sometimes our travels involve long days of driving. Are there any stretches we can do before we head out for the day or when we break to help prevent being stiff and sore?

As I mentioned previously, just working on generally strengthening your body and stretching frequently is good for you. Prioritize time in your day to stretch and even do body weight exercises to promote blood flow through your muscles, especially on long days of driving. Most importantly, listen to your body. A stretch that works for me might not work for you. Get to know what your body needs.

How can a regular exercise program or working with a personal trainer help make enjoying camping a little easier?

Exercising regularly not only strengthens the body, but also helps regulate other body functions like sleep, appetite, mood and others. Being able to sleep well at night and relieving stress via exercising is important for your overall well being. When you’re out camping, you want to be able to fully enjoy your experience and being well rested and in a pleasant mood is a good start.

Exercise can enhance camping

If someone from Northeast Ohio was interested in learning more about what you can help them with, how would they learn more?

Anybody looking to learn more about me, my services or fitness resources should start with my website. I am also on Instagram and Facebook. If they are interested in contacting me directly, they can do so by emailing I am easy to reach and always open to a conversation about health and fitness.

That’s better

Thanks to Bia, for stopping by the blog and sharing her passion with us.

There aren’t too many of us who have perfect diet and exercise routines, but we can all work on it. I am healthier today, than I was a year ago and that feels great!

What about you? What are you doing to keep your body in top camping condition? I’d love to hear what others are doing!