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Tiny is Terrific: 10 Reasons why a tiny trailer might be right for you

By Jenn

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The tiny trailer craze is real. The US saw record sales in 2020 and even more expected in 2021. Tiny towables like the teardrops, fiberglass trailers, and a-frame trailers started to surge in in the earl 2000’s and rocketed to new highs when more people took to camping for refuge when the pandemic broke.

In 2020, the RV industry shipped well over 400,000 new RV units and that number is expected to rise, again in 2020 by about 20%. Within that market, the tiny towable market has found a popular niche.

But if you visit an RV dealer today, you will struggle to find much of a selection of one kinds of trailer on lots: the tiny towable. Even larger dealers who usually have a large selection have had empty lots. People cannot get enough of these tiny trailers.

In this week’s episode of T@b Talk, I reveal ten reason why people love tiny trailers.

Freedom, Simplicity, and Community

And if you happen to think I am exaggerating, try attending one of the many events that owners of these tiny towables attend each year like the uCamp event held by nuCamp RV, Tearjerker events, or other tiny trailer rallies.

What is it about tiny towables that attracts you to them? Let me know in the comments, below.