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Tread Lightly

By Jenn

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Tread Lightly! BannerTo some a photo of a Jeep in a remote mountain or desert setting is exciting to others it is a nuisance. I do some light to moderate off-road travel. My Jeeps have and will take me places that I could never get to otherwise. When I capture those moments and share them I take others there, too.

When I first started investigating off road travel and recreation, I learned about Tread Lightly! Tread Lightly! Is an organization dedicated to helping those who enjoy outdoor recreation do so in a manner that leaves the least impact on the environment, allowing access to remain open.

All over the country there are battles going on between the federal government, states, local communities, and outdoor enthusiasts between leaving access to roads and trails open, closing them, or restricting them. Some examples include:

  • Closing existing Jeep roads and trails
  • Banning mountain bikes from all trails in National Parks
  • Eliminating bridle trails in parks
  • Banning ATV use
  • Banning camping in some areas
  • Banning dogs in some areas
I have always considered myself a common sense conservationist, but what does that mean? It means that as the golden rule says, that you leave the trails for others as it was left for you, or better. It means that people are able to reasonably enjoy recreation on public lands but that they do so responsibly. It means that local communities and states partner with the federal government to keep access open wherever possible. It means that I educate myself on how to hike, camp, take my dog, and Jeep with the least impact to the environment possible. It means that I follow rules and laws for a given area.
If you are an outdoor enthusiast, I encourage you to take some time and view some of the educational resources that Tread Lightly! offers.  I bet you already follow most of them. Most of the people I come across, do follow them. I am also guessing that you might also learn a thing or two, as well. Happy Trails!