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What’s She Doing?

By Jenn

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What do you get when you cross a thru-hiker with a T@b owner and her friend?

Fun conversation.

I met Mary Ann Mortensen when I was camping at Mohican State Park in late March. We had such a great conversation and I knew I had to invite her on the channel.

Thankfully, Mary Ann graciously agreed and I invited my friend Net to join us.

Are you thru?

I know we have a few thru hikers in the T@b community. Are you one of them? I’d love to hear about your experiences and the parallels to T@b life that you have found so please share them in the comments.

Also, Mary Ann has agreed to join me, again, so please let me know what questions you have for her.

Cheer her on!

Be sure to follow Mary Ann and cheer her on along her journey: