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Waste and Water

Gold King Basin is adorned in all of its splendor at the peak of summer wildflowers.
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Lessons Learned: Water & Waste Tank Management

  When was the last time you thought about turning on the faucet and pouring a glass of water or taking a hot shower but stopped, first to think about your how much water you had or how much room in your sewer you had left? For most people, it never really enters their mind. […]

T@b, Waste and Water

Water! Water! Part 2

Dry camping brings the unique challenge of trying to find water for yourself and your furry friends. You need water for everything from brushing your teeth to washing dishes. I blogged about water conservation, here. Today, I am going to focus on how I obtained and stored water. I have a very small freshwater tank: […]

T@b, Waste and Water

Water! Water!

  One of the key components to boondocking is water supply. Managing your fresh and grey water use is a key to ensuring that you do not have to pack up camp and make a trip to get potable water and dump your tanks every few days. I have been collecting ideas on water management […]

T@b, Tips and Mods, Waste and Water

Replacing the Gravity Fill

I broke the door on my fresh water fill last year when my heavy water jug slipped as I was filling the freshwater tank. I found the original fill to use to be a pain due to the door, so I went with a different style that works better for filling. This took about 15 minutes […]

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To the Dump!

“To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump!” I can still hear my dad singing that to the tune of the William Tell Overture, made popular as the theme of the original Lone Ranger show. Dad was talking about taking our trash to the county dump, but I am thinking of taking […]