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I found the best campsite in the US!

By Jenn

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

Location Name: Upper Teton View

Road: Forest Rd. 30310

GPS: 43°45’48.85″ N 110°33’11.531″ W

Special note: bear left at the fork after the first set of campsites (Lower Teton View.) The road is not too bad for a T@b 320 but I can see where it could get slick after heavy rains.

Upper Teton View

I don’t always share locations of great campsites, but the cat is out of the bag on this one. This site has exploded in popularity as people share the magnificent photos from their campsites. I have been meaning to get to this site for almost 4 years and I wish I would have made it before it became so popular, but it is still an awesome site. I discovered this site on my favorite campsite review site,

Upper Teton View

This site is a dispersed or primitive site on National Forest land. This means, there are no facilities and you have a limit as to how long you can stay (currently under consideration, so check with Forest Service officials before you camp.) There are no marked sites. As usual, do not build a new firepit, use the existing ones. The days I spent here, the folks with the site right on the edge held a community campfire, which I appreciated, because it meant I was not breathing tons of smoke all night. It was also dry, and I appreciated not increasing the risk of a wildfire where I was camping.

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Ordinarily, dispersed camping would also mean there is no camp host. However, at this location, the Forest Service is piloting a volunteer camp host program to prevent some of the issues that have popped up from people abusing dispersed sites in other states. The hosts were very friendly, shared some literature about the Friends of the Bridger-Teton Forest with us, and encouraged us to provide feedback via public comment when the Forest Service solicited it.

Wider view of Upper Teton View

The view is unmatched. As beautiful as so many mountain locations are, there is something special about the Tetons. The sites sit on a flat plateau that sits at the foothills below Mt. Leidy. There are a number of sites along Forest Rd. 30310 and people are pretty god about making room for one more camper. This was a great spot for Rocky where he had room to really get his tiny legs moving and burn off a lot of energy that pent up from the trip out.

My friend and fellow T@b owner, Kim, joined me for a couple of days at this site.

The hosts mentioned that this area has been mostly free of problems and that people always seem to make room for anyone who wanders into the site.

If boondocking seems a little beyond your comfort level, you can have a great camping experience at the nearby Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park.

Happy Camping!

Teton View Sunrise