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Learn from my first 5 mistakes as a new RV owner

By Jenn

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It feels familiar. You try not to obsess about it, but it’s there.

It’s like the dread you experience as a new car owner, except somehow, it’s more personal.

“When is that first mistake coming and how bad will it be?”

Mistakes are a part of the human condition.

We rush, we get overwhelmed, we get tired, we forget, or we don’t know,

Everyone makes mistakes as a new RV owner. You just pray that they aren’t huge, expensive, or ruin a trip.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

The T@b community is remarkably candid about their mistakes and as a group, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We’ve all benefited from those shared experiences.

I share some of my mistakes in this video, and look forward to hearing about your mistakes in the comments, below.

3 Ways to Prevent Mistakes

When you are camping or traveling and find yourself tired, rushed, overwhelmed, or emotional, there are some things you can do to prevent a mistake.

  1. Stop. Stop what you are doing and allow yourself to pause and reflect on the circumstances and range of solutions available. If possible, take a break and return to it later. If tempted. Don’t force anything.
    1. Trouble hitching or unhitching? This video might help.
    2. Watch this video to learn what happened to me when I rushed and tried force something,
  2. Crowdsource the solution. Find the help in the owner community. If you haven’t already done so, join an owner community or forum and tap into the knowledge and experience of other owners. There are several T@b groups on Facebook and a owner forum sponsored by nuCamp.
  3. Call the professionals. Call your dealer or reach out to the manufacturer. you can email nuCamp, here.

Give back

It’s your turn. What were some of your most memorable mistakes? Share them for the good of the community in the comments, below.