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Protect your 7 Pin Connector from corrosion with these two tips

By Jenn

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The T@b is connected and your tow vehicle is packed, fueled, and ready to go.

Your destination? Relaxation.

Until your vision comes to screeching halt.

The lights on your trailer aren’t working. You can’t go anywhere like this; it isn’t safe.

Corrosion is a common problem with 7 pin connectors. They are exposed to the elements all of the time.

In this video, I will reveal two things that I do to protect my 7 pin connector form corrosion.

This is the first, in my new YouTube Channel feature called, “T@b Tip Tuesday”, where I will share very short, pragmatic videos to help you on your own RV journey.

T@b Tip Tuesday will follow the YouTube #shorts format, which means they will always be less than a minute and appear in vertical, or portrait, orientation.

When I created this video, I was pleased to see that my 7 pin connector still looks like brand new, despite a lot of snow!

What are you doing to protect your 7 pin connector? Let me know in the comments, below.