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Some Spring Decorating & Projects

By Jenn

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I have been spending the last month or two squeezing in time to work on some projects for the T@b. Among them are solar, fan and shower head upgrades, and decorating.

Although not complete, I am working on a new decorating theme, inspired by the Airstream National Parks and Eddie Bauer editions.

In that spirit, I added a couple of WPA posters from Retro Planet removable wall decals and also a Lantern Press Poster from Amazon.

Retro Planet Decals

Arches Natoional Park Decal  Preserve Wildlife Poster

Amazon Lantern Press Poster

YellowStone Lantern Press Poster

Next, I added a swivel hook to the thin wall where the shower door is framed. It is, I believe, metal, behind the wallpaper, thus one of the few solid places to drill into the T@b interior. I have a second one that I will mount to the wood to left of the door.

20160410_163616 (1) 20160410_163606 (1)

I will have more updates soon on both the interior and solar projects.