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Levelmate Pro
Levelmate Pro
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Tech Review: Levelmate Pro Bluetooth Leveling System

Imagine if you could determine if you were level while sitting in the driver seat, without straining your eyes to see the lovely levels you have attached to your T@b. Now, imagine, being able to park your T@b in the most level spot in the campsite, to minimize or eliminate leveling, altogether. The Levelmate Pro […]

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Lessons Learned: Why Planning matters

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend about three and a half months in my T@b last summer. I spent my time, primarily in Colorado, although I did spend a little over three weeks on vacation in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Before vacation, I worked during the week, and spent evenings and weekends hiking and exploring the high Rockies. I […]

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Staying Connected: When You Can’t Get Away From It All

Working from the T@b is a long term goal that I am pecking away at slowly, but surely. One of the biggest challenges I face is connectivity for both Internet and cellular. I need to be online, all day, every day that I am working. There are 2 scenarios that I need to prep for […]