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Levelmate Pro

Tech Review: Levelmate Pro Bluetooth Leveling System

By Jenn

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Imagine if you could determine if you were level while sitting in the driver seat, without straining your eyes to see the lovely levels you have attached to your T@b. Now, imagine, being able to park your T@b in the most level spot in the campsite, to minimize or eliminate leveling, altogether. The Levelmate Pro allows you to easily level your trailer, via a Bluetooth device and phone app.

I installed the Levelmate Pro a few days before I left for my most recent trip to Colorado. I was impressed with the ease of installation. You simply make sure that your trailer is perfectly level, install the device on a vertical surface, by using 2 small screws, and complete the set-up process in the app. The Levelmate Pro indicates both side to side and front to back leveling and can also recall the height at which the hitch was when you disconnected from your tow vehicle.

Levelmate Pro
Levelmate Pro

I had the chance to try the Levelmate Pro out on a few different occasions and found it very easy to use as well as accurate. By using the app, I was able to leave my BAL leveler in the tow vehicle, saving time both at set-up and tear-down. I also used it to help me find the most level spot in the Walmart parking area, where I overnight parked, at night, during a rainstorm.

The newer version of the Levelmate Pro has an on/off switch to save the battery (CR2032 size) when not in use. The battery size is available at most grocery and hardware stores. The Levelmate Pro also has a sleep mode, that kicks in after a certain amount of inactivity, determined by you. The Levelmate Pro wakes up when motion is detected, again.

At $139.99, the Levelmate Pro is not cheap, but to me, especially as a solo traveler, it is definitely worth the ease it provides. I noticed that there are other Bluetooth devices that do similar things, but none had the polish nor the customer reviews, as well as quality reviews from full-time RVers, that the Levelmate Pro, received. I would definitely purchase the Levelmate Pro, again.