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Dewinterize the 2021 T@b 320

By Jenn

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Spring is upon us and if your T@b has spent the winter in hibernation, it’s time to wake it up!

Dewinterizing with the Nautilus Water System in the T@b 320 couldn’t be easier.


For the 2021 T@b 320 with the Nautilus Water System:

  1. Connect hose to inlet labeled “City Water Connection”.
  2. Set bot the blue and green valves on the on Nautilus Panel to following positions:
  3. Connect the hose to a hydrant or faucet.
  4. Open the faucets one at a time, until no more pink antifreeze is seen. This includes the sinks, shower, toilet, and outside wash station.
  5. Flush both hot and cold lines including the wash station.
  6. Next, change the valves on the fill tank positions. The left (green) valve should be horizontal and the right (blue) valve should be in the vertical position. (See second image below.)
  7. Fill the freshwater tank until it is approximately 1⁄2 full.
  8. Turn off the water from the faucet or hydrant.
  9. Turn the valves on Nautilus Panel to Dry Camping positions, where the left valve (green) on the Nautilus panel is in a vertical position and the right valve (blue) is horizontal.
  10. Turn the pump on, either from the Nautilus panel or inside the T@b on the monitor panel.
  11. Using the outside wash station, open the cold faucet, and use the sprayer to flush until no more pink RV antifreeze is visible.
  12. Change the red Alde bypass valve from bypass to normal.
  13. Close the red and blue Alde low point drains inside, on the bottom of the Nautilus compartment.
  14. Go camping!
Valves set to City Water
Freshwater Tank Fill