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Glamping Goes to a New Level With Sunshades from Doty Hill Desgins

By Jenn

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When I bought my T@b, I thought it was pretty difficult to improve upon the already adorable little trailer. Then, I discovered window awnings. And, although I liked the idea of window awnings, I had difficulty finding a fabric that I liked. Last year, I found a clearance on a camping tarp with a pattern that I loved and that matched my little turquoise T@b, perfectly. I scarfed up several of these tarps, as I discovered that they were no longer being produced. Then, in one of the greatest coups of my adult life, I conned my mother into sewing both window awnings and a custom sunshade for my T@b out of the tarps. The sunshade turned out pretty well, but it took a lot of abuse from the daily use under the Colorado sun and afternoon gusts that kicked up nearly every day. There were some weaknesses in the sunshade, but overall it was wonderful. My mom is a bit of a perfectionist so she wanted to try to correct the problem.

My new sunshade! (& Rocky)

She took a second stab and we could tell right away that it would not work, either, so she really went to work engineering a solution and now has not only engineered a production quality model, but she is selling them in her own Etsy shop!

Her shop, Doty Hill Designs, currently sells a wide variety of sunshades to fit the T@b 320, with hopes of offering a model for the 400 in the near future.

  • A few quick facts about the sunshades:
  • Made from outdoor water resistant and UV protected polyester. A coat of Kiwi Camp Dry is applied to each sunshade.
  • Attaches to the T@b through the keder rail.
  • Features tie down points from high quality stakes, designed to last.
  • 12′ 7″ wide and extends 5′ 2″.
  • Includes a matching stylish but sturdy storage bag.
  • Includes a fiberglass pole.
  • Right now, the sunshades are designed to fit all T@b 320 models that have a keder rail. There are plans to offer a model for the T@b 400 in the future. T@g trailers do not have a keder rail and their height would make using a sunshade impractical. There are no plans to offer a model for the T@da, at this time.
Another Sunshade Prototype

Here is a video of the sunshade set-up:

Rather than create and sell window awnings, mom is referring people to visit Lisa Roddy’s wonderful Etsy Shop, Shiner’s View for matching window awnings. Mom and Lisa will work together to ensure that you can have a matching ensemble.

My window awnings at work in the Rocky Mountains. Visit Shiner’s View on Etsy to order your window awnings!

Mom is still adding fabric selections to her shop, so feel free to send her a message if there is a pattern or color that you do not see but are interested in ordering.

I can’t wait to see the photos start to roll in of all of the fun sunshades on T@bs in great locations!