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Humming Along: Getting Rid of Stereo Hum

By Jenn

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WP_20151115_16_37_42_Rich_LIThis is one of the those tasks that could/should have been done a while ago, but just was put off. I was getting a quiet hum from the speakers any time they were on but it was worse if I ran the fan or had lights on. It was really bad if using the HDMI input on the TV or if I had the galley light on.  @Michigan_Mike on the T@b forum had suggested a noise isolator when neither Jensen or the factory could help me. I used the Boss Audio B25N Ground Loop Isolator Noise Filter. It was completely simple to install- less than 5 minutes and it almost completely removed the hum. The only time I get the hum now is when I use the overhead galley light in the kitchen and even that has improved.

Boss ground loop isolator noise filter
To install it:
  1. Unscrew the 4 square-headed screws with a #1 square screwdriver. The screws fall out and are easy to loose so be careful. You could put tape over the holes where they are recessed if you want to be extra careful.
  2. Carefully, pull the Jensen head unit from the cabinet.
  3. Unplug the red and white cables from the rear of the Jensen unit.
  4. Plug the red and white cables into the female cables on the Boss unit.
  5. Plug the male red and white cables from the Boss unit into the corresponding jacks in the rear of the Jensen unit.
  6. Replace Jensen unit into the cabinet.
  7. Reseat the four square screws.