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Stop these 5 things from derailing your first RV trip

By Jenn

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That sinking feeling in your stomach.

“Did I buy a lemon?”

“Is this the “Money Pit?”

Most of the time, that feeling is replaced with a sheepish grin as you realize that the problem was user error.

Sometimes, however, there is something not quite right about your new RV.

A lot of times people become frustrated that their new RV isn’t perfect. It’s understandable. You paid a lot of money for it!

However, what people fail to realize is that there is a lot more human involvement in RV manufacturing than auto manufacturing. Where you have humans involved, there will be errors.

Another issue that you run into is that RV makers depend on third-party manufacturers for components and appliances.

But whether the issue is human error, from the manufacturer or user, or a faulty appliance, it helps to uncover it before you hit the road. Testing these five things before you travel can help stop your trip from being derailed and ensure that when you hit the road, you can enjoy that trip to the fullest.

“Practice. I’m talking about practice.”

Testing out key systems before you camp is a great way to practice and will make your first setup at the campground a lot less stressful.

What would you add to the list of things to check before your first trip? Let me know in the comments.