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That’s Entertainment: Watching TV and Movies in Your T@b

Some will despise this very topic, but when you are camping and the weather turns poor, or if you are a  TV fanatic, sports fanatic, or just a news junkie, you might wonder how to stay connected with media in your T@b. The Default Choices: The LG T@b has a Maxx option, which, among other amenities, […]

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T@b Tip: Save Money on Your Bearing Maintenance

This will be a short post but with a big tip to save you some money. RV dealers can charge a lot of money to repack your bearings. In my case, there are no T@b dealers within a two hour drive, and RV dealers in general, are not close. I had a good experience with […]

T@b, Tips and Mods

10 Gifts for T@bs and Their Owners

Black Friday is almost upon use and why shouldn’t your T@b (or favorite T@b owner) receive a little seasonal cheer? I thought I would create a mini gift guide for 10 gifts perfect for almost any T@b owner. Just about any Goal Zero item. I don’t receive anything from Goal Zero, though you would think […]

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Replacing the Gravity Fill

I broke the door on my fresh water fill last year when my heavy water jug slipped as I was filling the freshwater tank. I found the original fill to use to be a pain due to the door, so I went with a different style that works better for filling. This took about 15 minutes […]


5,000 Miles Later v. 2.0

Well, with another 5,000+ mile trip under my belt, I learned a few more things and confirmed a few more things. My original plan of boondocking around Ouray was put off due to road construction that had the road south of town closed too much of the time to make it a very workable plan. […]

T@b, Tips and Mods

Walmart Overnight Parking with the T@b

When you are driving from Pittsburgh to Colorado, it takes a couple of days to get there. So, on my most recent trip, I participated in the Rvers rite of passage, I spent a few nights in Walmart parking lots. I had read about this and even watched some videos to prepare myself and finally […]

T@b, T@b Basics, Waste and Water

To the Dump!

“To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump!” I can still hear my dad singing that to the tune of the William Tell Overture, made popular as the theme of the original Lone Ranger show. Dad was talking about taking our trash to the county dump, but I am thinking of taking […]

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Feel the Power! Do I Need a Surge Protector?

This post was updated on April 14, 2018, to be more clear about the role of an EMS versus a surge protector and to add information pertaining to RV Hot Skin. They aren’t cute, they don’t come in different color choices, and probably aren’t something you would run out and show your friends, but surge […]