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Lessons Learned: Bringing Your Furry Friend

If you spend any time surfing RV and camping forums around the Internet, you will quickly learn that a lot of people who camp are pet owners, and the vast majority, dog owners. I have owned 2 Black & Tan Coonhounds who were not compatible with camping because they suffered extreme separation anxiety. They were […]

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Lessons Learned: Why Planning matters

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend about three and a half months in my T@b last summer. I spent my time, primarily in Colorado, although I did spend a little over three weeks on vacation in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Before vacation, I worked during the week, and spent evenings and weekends hiking and exploring the high Rockies. I […]

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Tread Lightly

To some a photo of a Jeep in a remote mountain or desert setting is exciting to others it is a nuisance. I do some light to moderate off-road travel. My Jeeps have and will take me places that I could never get to otherwise. When I capture those moments and share them I take […]

Rear View
Rear View
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Spring Camping at West Branch State Park in NE Ohio

I am always on the prowl for the best, campground close to the University of Akron I can find, to make it easy to camp when I go to my nephew’s football games. The area boondocking spots are a little too far for me because I need to be able to minimize travel time to […]

Camping on a cold January night at Punderson State Park
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Winter Camping at Punderson State Park

I have been anxious to some winter camping for the last 2 years. Last year it didn’t work out and this year….let’s just say it’s hard to call camping in 50-60 degree temperatures, “winter camping.” I love the cold and snow and until last weekend, it has been scarce fir those of in the eastern […]

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T@b Travel Trailer Review

Why Did I Choose a T@b? Several years ago, when I ran across a photo of an unusual looking camper that was lightweight and seemed well suited for 1-2 people. It was called the T@b. I believe that I stumbled across the photo just as Dutchman was ending production of the trailers because I could […]